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Unlike an electronic gadget or any other smaller re-sale process, selling motorhomes in Brisbane could be a bigger challenge. The reliability factor is what you need to consider before finding the right source for selling motorhomes in Brisbane. How do I sell my motorhome in Brisbane to a trust worthy dealer is the question you need to ask yourself right at the beginning. The dealers that are not well established will not be able to help you crack a good deal, as they focus on money making rather than customer satisfaction. Similarly the ads that you may post might have the chances of you selling it to people who may indulge in unfair activities. To work things out in the most honest manner, We Buy Caravans assist you in selling motorhomes in Brisbane in the utmost transparent way.


The reason why individuals prefer us when they have to sell motorhome in Brisbane is because we have gained the name and fame of being a quality endorsed company for over 30 years. We respect your privacy, which is why the information you provide us with, will only be used tosell motorhome in Brisbane and not for any other purpose.

Our process does not involve procedures that will create curiosity in your mind about our functioning, as the clarity of our activities of helping you sell motorhome in Brisbane, will make you believe in blindly. We have staff that can reach out to any place you call them to, and hence we do not want to bother you with the task of you driving your heavy vehicle all the way to our place. The staff will examine the condition of the vehicle post which selling motorhome in Brisbane can be completed easily.

If you are wondering that, if I sell my motorhome in Brisbane, to We Buy Caravan, will I have to do all the paper work and formalities all by myself? The answer would be no, as we take care of all paperwork, including caravan disposal, finance contract payouts, and settle with cash, bank cheque or direct bank transfer. There would be no need of any roadworthy certificates or pink slips to sell motorhome in Brisbane. All you need to do is call us at 1300303765 and inform us saying ‘I need to sell my motorhome in Brisbane’ and our staff will be at your door step to complete the task within no time. Apart from ringing to us, you could also sell caravan online in Brisbane by completing a 3 step form, at We Buy Caravan.


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