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One-stop source for all your queries of how to sell my Journey

Wondering on how to sell my Journey? Wish to get associated with experts in the industry to get reasonable returns on Journey sale? Then you could be sure of being in the right place, for we are the most trusted dealers, offering you steadfast services of Journey purchases in Australia. Being a division of Australian car Buying Group Pty Ltd, an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Company and VACC member, we have gained the popularity of providing highest-quality services to our end customers. In case you wish to get valuable results on the result raised for ‘sell my Journey’, then you could look no beyond We Buy Caravans.

We facilitate easy sale of your Caravan

What makes us unique is that we always aim at providing high returns for our customers first and then aim at profit making ourselves. We understand how dear your asset possession has been for you; as such we put in all our efforts to gain you reasonable returns on it. We not only help you get good returns, what we also manage is the paper work involved in the sale. Being in the industry since 2001, we have gained the absolute know-how of how procedures are carried out and hence indulge in genuine dealings with complete legalities to follow up your request of ‘sell my caravan’.

Reliable dealers offering top-quality services

With a number of new editions being launched in the automobile industry, it is but obvious that you feel dragged towards switching to them, while on the other side you might wonder if selling your vehicle would gain you return that you expect. With us by your side, every wish can be fulfilled with utmost ease. Our team of experts will walk right up to your place to analyze the condition of your vehicle and will make a genuine deal with you for your instructions of ‘sell my Sterling’. Post accepting the great deal, you could leave the rest of the formalities to us and simultaneously plan your next purchase of the latest asset.

Your queries of how to sell my Silverline can be resolved with 3 simple steps; filling the 3 steps form will enable us to reach to you for further proceedings. You could also call us on 1300 303 765 or mail us on, to raise a request with us stating ‘I wish to sell my Heritage’.

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We take care of all paperwork, including caravan disposal, finance contract payouts, and settle with cash, bank cheque or direct bank transfer. No roadworthy certificates or pink slips required, all you need do is contact us, and we will do the rest.

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