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Top Tips to Sell Your Caravan for a Great Price

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Finally, it is time to bid good bye to your old caravan. You are now perhaps looking forward to go for a new one or are not getting much use out of your old caravan as before. Well, like any other task, it is important to stay equipped with the right information to sell your old caravan for a good price, or at least the price it deserves. Once you are aware of the right information regarding sales, the process of selling becomes simpler.When you decide to sell your caravan, you will definitely want a smooth experience, rather than a hassle some procedure, in which your caravan can be sold without any fuss and at price that satisfies you. Here, we aim to provide you with a detailed methodology to sell your caravan. Following are some of the essential selling tips to successfully sell your caravan:


Do You Have the Time to Sell it Yourself?

If you have enough time, then privately selling your caravan is a great idea, as this ensures that you get the best price. In this case, you should be well prepared to answer all the queries regarding your caravan when people come to inspect it. You should also be prepared to accept rejection. Although having a dealer is certainly more convenient, this convenience might get costly at times.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Sale

If you want to get the best price for your caravan, then you have to ensure that it is in its best condition. Cleaning it inside out and then carrying out a detailed check ensures that everything is working fine. However, if you are selling a caravan that is optimally used and not expecting a huge return, then cleaning it up and selling it as it is could be a good option. Furthermore, it is also important to be up-front in the ad you place, so that the buyers will know what they will be getting for the price they pay.

Placing an Ad and Promoting It

These are the two most important steps of your caravan selling process. Choosing the right advertising platform, which lets you to post your ad free of cost, is important. You can also try Caravancampingsales, Trading Post or Gumtree. If you are using social media platforms, then you can promote your ad on those platforms as well. For instance, you can simply post a query on the social media platform you are using and then link that query back to your online ad.

What Should Go into Your Ad?

Your ad should give a clear view about your caravan. Including the following information in it is mandatory:

  • The information about the model, make, year, price as well as the area from which it can be collected should be provided
  • Being realistic with the pricing is important. Furthermore, if you are open for negotiation, then you can include the information about that as well
  • Post photos of both inside and outside of the caravan with the right lighting and also ensure that the interior looks neat, comfy and clean
  • Listing best of the features, modification details (if you have done any), off-road accessories and warranty information if there is any will give a better idea to your prospective buyers
  • Finally, use bulleted lists as they make it easier for the buyer to read and comprehend

Closing Your Sale

While closing the sale gather detailed information of your buyer in order to protect yourself against scammers. As soon as the buyers arrive to inspect your caravan, open the doors, air the caravan and then allow your clients to investigate it thoroughly.

Legal Matters

As a vendor, as per the law you will have to deliver exactly what you advertise. Therefore, if you claim that your vehicle is road worthy, then it should really be road worthy. To be on the safer side, take down complete details of your buyer and never handover the keys before you receive the payment in full.



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