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Making the most out of your caravan – Essential Camping and Caravanning tips

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To make the most out of camping while driving the caravan, you need to find some ideal destinations because some roads may not be proper for towing the caravan and camping restrictions cannot be ignored too. A lot may think “I want to sell my caravan” because they can’t find those ideal camping locations where caravan can be a boon.

Well, what if you find good locations and tips to make the most out of your caravan. Then you and your family would certainly do the opposite. You may say, we buy caravan because of innumerable benefits and fun. Some essential Camping and Caravanning tips can change the way to think positively about your caravan and these are listed below.

Plan Ahead

Before you decide to leave for camping in your caravan, plan about the trip in advance. Make sure your vehicle is in top condition and you have sufficient things to keep the caravan in perfect condition. Spare tires, technical kit to handle small faults on your own, etc.

Conserve Food And Water

Always carry sufficient food and water. Stackable storage tubs are useful to store food, water and other things. You may be cooking on the camp sites too. So carry the things you may need to cook and do not forget to carry the lighter. All the food supplies should be well packed and if you take more, then it is good to avoid the problems. Keeping a fridge is useful so the food may not get spoilt.

First Aid and Medicines

Never forget first aid because injury may happen anytime. You should have necessary things in the kit. Keep your medicines with you at all times to manage the illness. If you travelling with kids then first aid, medicines for cold, cough, etc. should always be there.

Drive Safe

You should drive safe and must not exceed 90 kilometers per hour. It is better to watch out for the stray animals on the roads at dawn or dusk to ensure appropriate safety. Always slow down in dusty conditions and when visibility is a constraint, avoid overtaking. In fact, you should slow down on speed and keep your left. Check for the road trains as they can reach over about 50 meters long. For all the crossings and creek ways keep your speed low.


Check for permissions before entering the place you wish to camp at. You have to understand about the location and things that you can do and cannot. Camp only in designated areas!



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