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Geizer-The new Inexpensive Cooling System for your Caravan

If you are looking for a cost effective caravan cooling system, try out the new Geizeer. It is not only in-expensive it is also eco-friendly. The cost when using the Geizeer is around one cent per day.

The Geizeer

The Geizeer is a portable unit providing air-conditioning. It is small and is made out of wood which acts as a great thermal insulator. The wooden cube has an ice pack inside which is replaceable.

It also has a small fan driven by circuitry and a battery that is rechargeable. The working of the Geizeer is similar to that of most air-conditioning units for ice storage. It operates by a fan drawing warm air from the top and then pushing it over the ice for chilling. The cooled air is then sent out through side vents.

The big advantage of the Geizeer is that it sends out the cool air on all sides, not just one direction. The best place to put the Geizeer in th is in the middle of the room resulting in a good caravan cooling system. If the caravan is large you could think of investing in two Geizeers.

How the Geizeer is used

The icepack inside the Geizeer is not difficult to use. It can be put in a freezer and cooled and then placed in the lower part of the unit.

When the Geizeer is not in use, it should be lifted up and turned to ensure the sides do not touch – touching would result in turning on of the fan. When the icepack is put in place the box is rotated so that the halves get lined up and touch. The Geizer is then in working mode and will start to cool the area around.

Geizer effects

The Geizeer’s cooling effects last for hours. If you invest in a second freezer pack you can then replace the melted pack with the second one so the area remains cool the whole day.

In spite of being such a small unit the Geizer is capable of cooling an area of 360 degrees. In an insulated room the Geizeer is able to cool a 12 sq.meter area at 3 degrees – a comfort which will not attract heavy electric bills.

Other benefits

In addition to cooling the caravan the Geizeer is also a great diffuser. When the weather is humid and hot unpleasant odours tend to build up. For a fresh cool feeling, any fragrance can be put in the Geizeer so when it is in operation the fragrance is also circulated. So using a Geizeer for your caravan cooling system proves a wonderful combination of diffuser and cooler.


As a caravan cooling system the Geizeer is not only a good buy, it also has the appearance of a decoration. Its two wooden shells of wood have a metal-finished interior with the ice pack sitting in the bottom shell half, and a brushless fan occupies the upper half. The battery is easy to recharge and its micro USB makes for easy and cheap charging.



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