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Caravanning Newbie? Here are top 11 tips that gear you up for your upcoming caravanning expedition

If you are a caravanning newbie you would be wise to start with short trips and follow some simple rules. In this way you will get to learn the ropes of caravanning which will allow you to have fun and drive safely. Here are top 11 tips to help you gear up for your first caravanning trip.

  • When planning what items you will need for the trip, try and use tote or soft duffel bags. You can stuff clothes and any other equipment you require into such bags and once they are emptied out, you can fold and store the bags away easily.
  • For your first caravan trip keep the drive short, say a couple of hours away. Make the trip over a long weekend. During the first trip you will gain some confidence and learn how to tow the caravan.
  • When loading stuff into the caravan ensure that the weight is evenly distributed – but more in the front than at the back of the vehicle.
  • If you have any heavy items, store the same inside the boot of the towing vehicle. This will help to make the caravan lighter for towing.
  • If you are going on a longish drive do not load up with too much drinking water. You can always refill your water requirement during the trip, or at your final destination. If you carry even around 150 litres of water you will end up having to pull an extra 150 kg.
  • Important points to remember are: Keep the gas bottle off, the awning packed securely and make sure that the lights are working. Also check that the tyres have the right pressure and the antennae is in the down position.
  • After you have made your first caravanning trip you will be able to build up a routine involving packing up. A good idea would be to take a walk through the caravan, switching off and securing as required. Then go round the back and complete disconnecting and tightening. Once you return to the driver’s door of the tow vehicle the caravan should be safe for travel.
  • During the winter months you should switch the reverse-cycle air-conditioners to 24-25 degrees. If the travel distance is long, running at a high temperature can result in burning of the heating elements. Do not forget to wear warm clothes.
  • If you find the caravan is tending to sway, you should accelerate gently, until it steadies. Do not slow down as then the caravan which is heavier will start to control the momentum which could result in a crash.
  • If your destination is not a holiday park, you should carry an adaptor which can be plugged into any normal power source. Since residential power is around 10 amps and caravans require 15 amp supply of power the adaptor will ensure you can plug in to any electrical domestic outlet.
  • Practice how to reverse the caravan especially if using it for the first time. Choose a short path to reverse and ensure that you and the partner travelling with you exchange loud and clear communication. Hand signals can also be used if the engine noise is too loud. The important thing to do is to be patient and avoid panicking.




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