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Caravan Gas System Safety Advice

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Caravan gas is certainly of great help when you are travelling or holidaying, as it enables you to cook food and stay warm throughout your journey. However, if it is not maintained carefully, then it can prove to be fatally dangerous. Although, when installed appropriately, a caravan’s gas system is absolutely safe, there are certain necessary precautions to be followed to stay free from unanticipated risks. Every caravan requires a set of energy sources, which can be used. These include electricity, LPG, diesel as well as methylated spirits. These are generally used for cooking, heating and for powering the fridge. Although LPG is the time-honored energy source, which is superior in terms of speed and calorific values, when neglected LPG can be extremely dangerous.It is essential to get your gas cylinders tested once in every 10 years at authorized test stations and the date of the last inspection should be stamped on your cylinder. Although not mandatory, gas cylinders are generally kept closed while travelling. This is because in case of accidents, the gas lines might break, thereby leaking the gas. In such conditions, the chances of fire breakouts are higher if the gas cylinders are kept open. Furthermore, it is always good to keep the gas cylinders in an easily accessible place.

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Simple Safety Measures to become LPG Safe

Here are some simple safety rules that help you in drastically minimizing the risks associated with potential gas leakage accidents.

  • Ensure that the cocks of the appliances are closed before opening the valve of the cylinder
  • Use soap water for carrying periodic check for any leaks near the regulator, cylinder and the appliance
  • Completely avoid using any flame or matches while checking for gas leakage
  • Cylinder valve should always be closed when you are planning to re-fill the gas or while the appliances are not being used
  • In case of accidental gas leaks, cylinder valve should be closed and the caravan should be ventilated until the air is completely clear
  • In case of fire, immediately close the valve of the cylinder
  • Use cooking appliances, such as stove, only for cooking rather than using it for any other purpose, such as using it as a heater
  • All the cylinders, which are not connected, should be fitted with gas-tight sealing plugs with the valves closed
  • All the additions and alterations for the LPG gas should be performed by an authorized professional
  • Without appropriate authorization by a gas manufacturer or inspector none of the appliances should be altered
  • You should also be accustomed to recognize burnt LPG, to ensure early leak detection
  • All the flues, vents and permanent ventilators should be regularly checked to ensure that they remain clear

Handy Tips to Use Gas Camping Equipment

Following a few more preventive tips while using your gas camping equipment will ensure that you stay safe while enjoying your camping.

  • Regularly inspect all the washers as well as the o-rings on the cylinders and appliances
  • Never meddle with or just remove the valve present on any of the LP Gas cylinders
  • Ensure sufficient ventilation
  • Never turn on the gas until you are completely ready to light up the appliance
  • Double check whether the cylinder valves are closed when the appliances are not being used
  • The leaks should never be tried located using a flame, as this will lead to the fire accident
  • The gas jets should never be cleaned using a wire or other similar objects
  • When not being used, the dust caps should be placed on the gas cylinders
  • Ensure that the burner is regulated as per your needs, i.e., the flames should not go beyond the edge of your cooking utensil
  • Dispose of all the disposable canisters in a safe way without incinerating them

Planning the placement and maintenance of the gas cylinders is extremely important. Turning them off when not in use and making provisions for superior ventilation, will help you prevent unanticipated fire accidents. Therefore, few basic precautions will ensure that you stay safe.



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